CP Students

CP Students

WHAT IS CP students?

CP Students is the youth ministry of CenterPointe Church. We are a community of adventurous, engaging, and encouraging teenagers who love Jesus and love people, all while doing life together. CPstudents Youth consists of a dynamic youth program on Wednesday nights. We are all about helping students realize how amazing Jesus is, creating a life-giving and fun atmosphere, and building community while doing life together. CPstudents Youth is a brilliant opportunity for students to be in a positive peer environment, to talk about real life issues, and to learn about Jesus in a way that will empower them to live life to the fullest.


CPstudents is designed to help the youth at CenterPointe find the right rhythm in their walk with Jesus. We meet weekly to challenge our faith and encourage each other to live the life that God intended for us.

Wednesday CPstudents Night – 6:30 PM